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5. How about the maintenance after the warranty period?

Time: 2014-07-22 Editor: Yuesen Med

After the warranty period, we are still responsible for after-sales service, but you need to charge some costs. As long as the useful life of the equipment is unexpired, we will provide paid services, divided into the following special conditions: 

A. Video guide maintenance, if the parts do not need replacement, we will use audio and video to help you resolve the malfunction problem, this is completely for free.

B. If the parts must be replaced, we will provide the parts to customers according to the cost price of parts. Customers are responsible for the transportation costs

C. If the problem is quite serious, it needs us to dispatch crews to repair the damage in your country, all the related costs are at customer's expense as to the normal international practice.

D. Before the end of 2009, our company have already set up after - sale service department in Nigeria, Africa. Then, Customers of West Africa are within the scope of services, and the customers will be in charged with less expense. After 2010, our company will set up after-sales service in the Middle East Dubai. In light of the market conditions, we will unceasingly increase the organization of after-sale service abroad, so that can solve the problem of after-sale service in a foreign country. We also sincerely welcome the distributors who have technological strength and interests to approach us with the establishment of the area agents and special maintenance organizations.
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