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304 Stainless Steel Body Refrigerator Sell To Australia

Time: 2018-10-23 Editor: Sophie Lin
Mortuary Refrigerator, Morgue Transport Stretcher, Electromotion Trolley Lift Stretcher, Autopsy Table On Sale.  Morgue Equipment Supplier.

Mortuary Refrigerator

The corpse cold storage and freezing box /corpse cabinet is a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department to store the corpse. 

The system has special high-resolution temperature calibrating function. That means the set-value figure can be displayed and calibrated at -10.0~10.0℃. The calibrating increment is 0.1℃.
The forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-control fan can ensure the temperature uniformity inside the box.

Mortuary Refrigerator
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