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Trolley color doppler ultrasound scanner YSB-Q3 sell to Mongolia

Time: 2019-03-19 Editor: Sophie Lin
YSB-Q3 Features: 
1. Image Mode: B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M, CDFI, CDE, CCD, PW, CW.
2. Advanced Technology: 3D image supported.
3. One key image optimization: various of inner checking types / checking types edition and creation / making superior image by pressing of doctor according to different checking types
4. English guide system: real time notice of operation steps, helping doctor get familiar with the operation of device quickly.
5. Auto freezing protection of the probe: auto freeze the probe in the presetting time, lengthen the life of the probe.
6. English report system: record the calculating parameters automatically, output English report directly; make the inspection steps much more efficient.
7. Expansion port: Video port, S-Video port, RS-232 port, USB2.0 port, VGA port, DICOM3.0 port, Footswitch
YSB-Q3 Probe supported 
Convex probe, vaginal probe, linear probe, phrased array probe; micro convex probe

ultrasound scanner YSB-Q3ultrasound scanner YSB-Q3ultrasound scanner YSB-Q3
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