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Veterinary Laboratory Equipment Sold To Brunei

Time: 2019-07-19 Editor: Kate Guo
Veterinary full automatic hematology analyzer YSTE320V, Portable chemistry analyzer YSTE100V, Centrifuge YSCF-TD4B, Binocular Microscope YSXWJ-107BN, Pipette YSTE-YY2 sold to vet clinic in Brunei

Veterinary Full Automatic Hematology Analyzer YSTE320V

10.4 inch true color TFT LCD & touch screen
21 parameters and 3 histograms
Test speed up to 60 tests/hour


Portable chemistry analyzer YSTE100V

Test speed is 120 tests/hour 
The weight is 5kg only

Centrifuge YSCF-TD4B
Maximum speed(r/min) 4000
Maximum RCF(xg) 2600
Noise ≤60 dB

Binocular Microscope YSXWJ-107BN

Pipette YSTE-YY2

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