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Multi-function Orthopedic Electric Drill And Draw YSDZ0501 Sell to Iraq

Time: 2019-11-04 Editor: Kate Guo

Multi-function Orthopedic Electric Drill And Draw YSDZ0501 Sell to Iraq

YSDZ0501's Technical Data:
Charger input voltage AC220V/50HZ
Unit rise in temperature < 25°
Frequency > 15000rpm
Speed (drill) >600rpm
Speed (acetabulum burnishing drill) >130rpm
Torque (quick chuck) >7500G/C
Torque (reamer) >33000G/C
Torque (HOLLOW DRILL) > 11200G/C
Weight: 3100g
YSDZ0501 Technical features:
1. Main frame is made of stainless steel, durable, long working hours, the accessories can be selected freely for different operation.
2. Quick chuck: Imported chuck ensures outstanding performance during operation.
3. Sternum saw: Both 360° rotating head and blade guard can protect soft tissue around sternum.
4. Craniotomy mill: 40000r.p.m rate ensures fast, efficient and safe process in craniotomy.
5. Oscillating saw: 360°rotating head can be applied to any surgical area. Wrench-free device allows easy, fast and safe loading and unloading blades.
6. Reamer: Hi-torque, ideal for acetabulum or medullary operation, available to various mills.
7. Wire and pin chuck: A canula with diameter 4.0mm applies to various intramedullary pin or kirschner pin fixing operation easily and conveniently.
8. Cranial drill: Auto-pause after perforation ensures safety in neurosurgery.
9. Highest quality
10. Perfect ergonomic design
11. Applicable to different kinds of surgery options.

Main Unit: 

Low Speed Bone Drill
Swing Saw

Reciprocating Saw

Saw blade:

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