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Mortuary Freezer Morgue Equipment Sold to Burundi

Time: 2020-01-14 Editor: Kate Guo

Six bodies Mortuary Refrigerator, 3 bodies Mortuary Freezer,  Corpse lifter trolley, Corpse transport trolley, Autopsy table, Simple dissecting table, Stretcher with body bag, Body transfer, Body bag, etc Morgue Equipment Sold to Burundi in December, 2019

Mortuary Refrigerator for six body YSSTG0106

Material: 304 stainless steel
Exterinal size: 2400*1580*1785mm 
Inner size: 1950*630*440mm    

Mortuary Refrigerator for three body YSSTG0103

Material: 304 stainless steel
Exterinal size: 2400*810*1785mm 
Inner size: 1950*630*440mm     

Corpse lifter trolley (Hydraulic) YSSJT-1E
Size: L*W*H: 1900*620*600/1300mm

Corpse transport trolley YSTSC-2A                                    
Material:304 stainless steel
Size: 2000*650*800mm   

Autopsy table YSJP-01

Size: 2600*800*800mm
Material:304 stainless steel

Simple dissecting table YSJP-03

Size: 2000*750*900mm
Material: 304 stainless steel

Stretcher with body bag YSDJC111

Material: Aluminium alloy frame
Dimension: L*W*H (2020*530*95mm)
Capacity: 160KG

Body transfer YSTSC161

Material: Aluminium frame
Dimension: L*W*H (1550*550*560mm)
Capacity: 600KG

Body bag YSSTD01

Long zipper
with 4 handles
Dimension: L*W*H (2000*650*300mm)

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