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Flexible Video Laryngoscope YSENT-HJ38F Sell to Uganda

Time: 2020-06-12 Editor: Kate Guo

Flexible Video Laryngoscope YSENT-HJ38F Sell to Uganda

  • Application: Department of Anesthesiology, ICU Intensive Medicine, Emergency Department, Respiratory Department, Facial Department.
  • Product use
It is suitable for clinical departments to carry out airway management, especially difficult tracheal intubation, nasal tracheal intubation, and placement of bronchial occluder, which can enable physicians to accurately complete tracheal intubation under direct vision. Endobronchial intubation positioning.
  • Product features
1. Heating and anti-fogging by LED cold light source lighting technology, less affected by airway secretions, bleeding and condensed gas in exhaled breath, while avoiding tissue burns caused by LED light source at the front end of the hose due to high lighting temperature.
2. Multi-angle rotation observation of the monitor, the airway structure is displayed clearly, continuously and with high resolution.
3. The sophisticated aviation connection technology combines the operating handle and the high-definition display screen with a long service life, ensuring that the picture is stable and does not crash.
4. The built-in high-power lithium battery in the display screen ensures long boot time.
5. The soft intubation is flexible and flexible, and can be intubated through the mouth or nose, which solves the problem that the traditional laryngoscope cannot insert some people with difficult airway intubation.
6. The operation steps of this product are the same as those of conventional tracheal intubation, without the assistance of special devices.
7. This product can be operated in accordance with conventional disinfection procedures.
8. The design is exquisite, compact and easy to carry.
9. According to user needs, equipped with various types of laryngoscope, tracheal tube, trolley, display and other tools, used to establish anesthesia intubation workstation, can also be connected to a large display for teaching demonstration or further clear observation.
  • Product function
Taking pictures and taking pictures can provide accurate basis for clinical analysis and diagnosis.
  • Product specification
1. The whole machine is composed of two parts: the operation part of the fuselage and the display. The whole machine has the functions of photo recording, data access, wired video output, etc., and supports av output.
2. Visual angle: 0 degrees, visual angle: 90 degrees ± 10%.
3. ★Depth of Field: 3-100mm
4. diameter: 3.8mm
5. Working length: 600mm
6. The bending range of the front snake bone:
upward bending ≥150 degrees, downward bending ≥130 degrees.
7. Camera resolution: 10.5LP / mm.
8. Lighting: LED white light lighting, the minimum lighting is ≥800lux.
9. ★Material: The operating handle and the display frame are all made of light-weight titanium-magnesium alloy, which can be sterilized and meets the national soft mirror disinfection standard.
10. ★Connector: The connection between the operating handle and the display adopts advanced aviation technology pinholes to ensure that the picture is clear and avoid crashes caused by poor contact after long-term use.
11. Display resolution: 960 * 240.
12. ★Display: 3.5” TFT LCD screen, can rotate 0-180 ° up and down, 0-330 ° left and right.
13. Color reproduction ability: not less than level four.
14. With photo recording function, data storage, 16G memory, the number of photos can be stored> 100,000, and the duration of video recording can be ≥ 4.5 hours.
15. Lithium battery: Built-in 3.7V polymer battery (no need to disassemble and charge).
16. Charger input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz.
17. Charger output: DC 5V, 1000mA.
18. Battery capacity: 1850mA.
19.Charging time: <3 hours.
20. Continuous discharge time:> 2.5 hours
21. Charge times:> 600 times
22. ★Equipped with a set of difficult laryngoscopes, which is convenient for intubation in emergency situations.
23. After-sales service: 2 years warranty and lifetime maintenance. There is no charge for maintenance during the warranty period.

3.5inch display 1set aluminum magnesium alloy
operative section 1pc aluminum magnesium alloy
Recharger battery 1pc PC
laryngoscope 1set 304 medical stainless steel
Leak detector 1pc plastic
Sealing Ring 2pcs rubber
SD save card 1pc plastic
Leak cover 1pc aluminum

Copper alloy box packing: 
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