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Mortuary Refrigerator Morgue Equipment to Burundi

Time: 2020-07-22 Editor: Kate Guo

After 6 months discussions of mortuary equipment with client, to negotiated customized product sizes to ensure that it can fit the height of the people in Burundi, increase and decrease products, etc.
After confirming the order, we quickly arranged production. 
When the production finished, we showed client the pictures of mortuary equipment, we are very happy that client was quite satisfied with the equipment. We are also happy to meet their local needs and improve their quality of life by providing customers with the products they need.

Here show you the real pictures for the mortuary equipment: 

Mortuary Refrigerator for six body YSSTG0106

Mortuary Refrigerator for three body YSSTG0103

Corpse lifter trolley (Hydraulic) YSSJT-1E

Corpse transport trolley YSTSC-2A                                      

Autopsy table YSJP-01

Simple dissecting table YSJP-03

Stretcher with body bag YSDJC111

Body transfer YSTSC161

Body bag YSSTD01

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