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3.5kW Mobile High Frequency Diagnostic X-Ray Machine YSX70GM-B

Model: YSX70GM-B

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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3.5kW Mobile High Frequency Diagnostic X-Ray Machine

Technique Specification
Model YSX70GM-B YSX100GM
Input Voltage 220V±10%
Input Power 5.5kW 7.5kW
Mains Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Source Resistance ≤0.5Ω
Main Technical Parameters
Power Modules 30kHz  
Filament Frequency 20kHz  
Focus 1.5mm  
Max. Generator Output 3.5kW; 5kW
Max. X-Ray Tube Voltage 110KV 120KV
kV Range 40~120kV
mAs Range 1~125mAs 1~200mAs
Main Parameters Of Mechanical Parts
X Ray Tube Vertical Motion Range ≥500~1750mm
X Ray Source Components Around The Cross Arm Vertical Rotation:≥±90°
Exposure Size ≥350mm*350mm(SID=65cm)
Machine Main Function
Fault Detection Error Prompt Functions
ARP Human Anatomy Program Function
Parameter Calibration Function
Combined X-Ray Tube Assembly
1,Adopt high frequency high voltage generator and combined X-ray tube assembly;
2,kV closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, quick response and high accuracy;
3,mAs digital closed-loop control technology and 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, which ensure the accuracy and repeatability of dosage;
1,Equipped with the functions of high voltage and over & under voltage protection, tube current over-current protection, output overload protection and fault prompt;
2,Perfect heat capacity protection function to protect X-ray tube target surface;
Corrugated Pipe
Full consideration of hospital disinfection and cleaning, adopt high quality corrugated pipe, prolonging the service life of the equipment
Using high quality switch, safe and reliable, stable quality

Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
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