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3.5kW mobile bedside x-ray machine YSX70GM-A

Model: YSX70GM-A

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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High Cost-effective 3.5KW Mobile Bedside Medical X-ray Machines
Model: YSX70GM-A
3.5kw 70mA mobile X-ray Machine

For ward, isolation, emergency room and otherinconvenient to move and critically ill patients to do X-ray examination, it can also be used as a backup device for Radiology Departments.
High-frequency X-ray generators, high efficient X-ray output
Computer control, fault self-diagnosis and code instant display
Two-parameter setup makes it easy to set up device conditions
Rack mobile lightweight, reasonable structure, about ± 90 ° column
Arm lift, column rotation control of a key, the use of air spring support, rigid link brake structure.
3.Technical parameters:
1) Power supply
Power supply voltage: a.c220 ± 22V
Power frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
Power supply capacity: 4kVA
Power resistance ≤ 0.6Ω
2) The host
Standard output power: 3.5kW
Inverter frequency: 30kHz
Maximum tube current: 70 mA
The maximum tube voltage: 110kV
Tube voltage: 40-110kV, stepping 1kV
Current time product: 0.5-160mAs, adjustable in 26 steps
3) X-ray tube
High pressure combination head
X-ray tube model: X782D
Focus: 0.6 / 1.5mm
Maximum anode heat capacity: 57kJ (76kHU)
± 90 ° rotation on the same plane, ± 90 ° rotation along the X axis, + 90 ° ~ -35 ° rotation along the Y axis
Vertical movement of the ball: 525-1796mm
X-ray tube head vertical stroke: 1271mm
4) Mobile rack
Dimensions: 900 × 598 × 1450
Arm: about ± 90 ° rotation
Machine with a universal wheel
5) Limit beam device: photoelectric positioning
6) Exposure: manual, wireless remote control
Packaging 1160 * 760 * 1690mm

3.5kW 70mA mobile X-ray machine
3.5kW 70mA mobile X-ray machine
3.5kW 70mA mobile X-ray machine
70mA X-ray machine combined generator
3.5kW mobile x-ray machine user-friendly control pannel

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3.5KW Medical X-ray Machines
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