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> C-arm X-ray Machine

5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F

Model: YSX-C50F

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F
5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F
5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50F

X-ray Tube (5.0KW)  IMD        1Set
Flat Panel Detector1344x1344x16bit   Thales (or iRay)               1Set
3、 C-arm and workstation ( AIO)       1Set
4、 Laser Positioning Device                         1Set
5、Electric Adjustable Beam Limiting Device                               1Set
6、23’ Liquid Crystal Display with High Resolution                        1Set
7、Battery management System                      1Set
8、 Charging pole                                         1Set

X-ray Tube
(High Voltage Generator)    IMD

Power for High Frequency Inverter: 5.0 kW

Frequency for Main Inverter :40kHz

Max Power for Toshiba Tube Core and Fluoroscopy: 1.44kW

X-ray Tube Assembly Heat Capacity: 1333 kHu
 Fluoroscopy Mode

Intelligent Low-dose Framing Fluoroscopy
Adopted the intelligent low-dose framing fluoroscopy technology, to adjust pulse frequency automatically. Although there is a moving object under the flat panel, you can get a clear sharpness image. The technology ensures the good quality in image and reduces a great exposure dose.

3 Modes Manuel
(Limbs, Abdomen,Spine)
40kV-120kV;  The limbs:0.5-4mA;
The abdomen:2.5-6mA; The spine:4.5-8mA

3 Modes Auto
(Limbs, Abdomen,Spine)

According to density to set an optimized exposure dose.
40-120kV; The limbs:0.5-4mA
The abdomen:2.5-6mA;  The spine:4.5-8mA

Enhanced  Fluoroscopy
40kV-120kV; 12 mA

Pulse Fluoroscopy
40kV-120kV;The limbs:0.5-4mA
The abdomen:2.5-6mA;  The spine:4.5-8mA

Beam Limiting Device

Sigle page with rotation
C Arm Stand

Battery Management System

Adopted a new generation of power supply, battery management system in the fully charged state by means of battery power for exposure, two major technical characteristics make the c-shaped arm movement “following your heart.”

Laser Positioning

Focus Screen Distance
 Depth in Arc
H. Movement
V. Movement
 Opening Size
Orbital Rotation
125°(-35°-- +90°)

Main Wheel Rotation Angle (Electric)
C-arm and workstation ( AIO)

Integrated design for C- arm and workstation, the workstation is embedded into c-arm

Flat Panel Detector(Thales, or you can choose iRay)

Imaging Area Size
21.0cm × 21.0 cm

Pixel Matrix
1344 × 1344

Pixel Size

Image Sharpness Index
Control Resolution: 31 lp/cm; Grey Scale: 16 grade

Flat Panel Imaging Rotation
Digital image rotation around 360 degree angle without X ray, which is easy to be watched by doctor.
2Window Width and Window Level
3、Smart Noise Reduction Processing
4、Real-time Gain
5Image storage and patient archives management
Image conversing, up-down and right-left rotating, end frame freezing
Patient archives management; edit diagnosis report
The image can be stored as JPG,AVI and DICOM 3.0 format, can be linked to hardware, USB,DVD and printer, meet the need of sharing the network information, communication and storage in hospital

Touching Display
1 set of 23’ liquid crystal touch screen, with split screen technology to display images
5kw Digital C-arm system Flat panel detector YSX-C50FYuesen Med equipment purchase process
5KW Medical Digital C-arm X-ray Machine, igital C-arm X-ray Machine, C-arm X-ray Machine,
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