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Electric Gynecology Examination Table YSOT-180DC

Model: YSOT-180DC

Model:              YSOT-FS2
Place of origin:     China
Package:             Plywood
Minimum Order:       1 set
Delivery Time:       7 days
Brand Name:          YUESEN MED

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Electric Gynecology Examination Table YSOT-180DC
(304 stainless steel, three sets of imported motors)
Electric Gynecology Examination Table YSOT-180DC
YSOT-180DC is a new generation of multi-functional electric production bed developed by the company. It not only has all the functions of the bed, but also can be used as a gynecological operating table and an outpatient examination bed.
1. The overall table surface is beautiful in appearance and complete in function. The bed surface lifting, back plate and hip plate rotation angle can all be electrically operated. Only the foot switch or the hand controller can adjust various positions (optional foot switch) .
2. Sturdy steel frame tops, special surface treatment, high-quality stainless steel-wrapped cast iron base, and rubber protective cover provide optimum stability, safety and crack resistance, and easy cleaning and disinfection.
3. All external structures (including accessories) are made of high-quality stainless steel. The material is thick, the structure is firm, the cleaning and maintenance is easy, the anti-fouling and anti-rust functions are superior to other similar products.
4. Key lifting column part: German process design, bearing weight has four times safety factor, adopts square column lifting and lowering, eight fixed locking parts, and frame-type movable joints on both sides to ensure stable bearing capacity.
5. High-quality artificial leather and polyurethane, seamless molding of one-time compression molding, multi-color optional, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling. Deodorization, anti-allergic, no leakage of water, can be directly cleaned with a cleaning solution.
6. The patented base brake base brake device design, four-point floor structure, can be a solid fixed bed, the whole machine is stable without shaking.
1. All imported motors from Denmark.
2. The whole bed is made of 304 stainless steel.
3. A number of advanced designs.
4. Application of multiple patents.
5. With more than ten years of production and operation, the valuable clinical experience of the user directors of the top three hospitals, the product is better in line with the clinical.
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