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8.0kW High Frequency Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine YSX0712

Model: YSX0712

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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YSX0712 8.0kw high frequency mobile c-arm X-ray machine

(known as high-frequency c-arm, C arm machine, X-ray machine, small C etc), can be used for
heart neurologist, angiography department, orthopedics, radiology, operating room, examination
room, examination center, field operation diagnosis stand, aviation and navigation places such
as believing the orientation, perspective, photography point slice, interventional treatment, diagnosis,
take body eyewinker, gravel diagnosis, puncture orientation, dozen miniscrew, joint diagnosis,
trauma surgery, orthopaedic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, endoscopies, pain families
intervention operation vertebral shoulder dish; Special treatment for severe patients and carry out
such peripheral vascular intervention work, complete functions, performance is very stable.

The tube focus - image intensifier distance 1020mm.
Perspective current: 0.4-4.0
Horizontal movement: 0 ~ 210mm movement up and down: 0 ~ 410mm.
Perspective, radiography kv 40-120KV .
Arc deep 850mm angular: + 13 degrees.
Radiography current: 30mA ~ 80mA.
The horizontal direction rotation: + 180 degrees.
Radiography current time product: 0 mAs ~ 160mAs.
Along the arc orbiting: - 30 degrees ~ + 90 degrees.
The anode types: rotating anode.
High temperature resistant oil cold type
high frequency generator: 7.2 KW 8KW.
focus size: small focus 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm.
High frequency: 100 KHZ.
Big focus 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm.
CCD: bring image flow controller (domestic only) in the same picture on flow control and filtering, is a very practical function is very useful for clinical doctors, technical pr more difficult.

Vision can directly image magnification or narrow, realize local lesion visualization, very beneficial to intraoperative detail processing, realize 1:1; 1:1. 5; 1:2 three effect. Optional single vision Toshiba.

The tube anode: oil cold high adaptability sex radiator system rotating the anode

Maximum output value: 8.0 kW
Size focus size: 0.3/0.6 mm
KV range: 40-120KV
Image intensifier: 9 "three vision or single vision Toshiba hd special
Or optional integration 9 "three vision intensifier
Or choose million pixels image processing system
Image Angle: 360-degree rotating steplessly are very suitable for clinical needs
Ordinary photography:
Common perspective:
Automatic (IBS) perspective: yes
IBS monitor: LCD 17-inch.scanning 2 sets
CCD camera: more than 100 million pixels
Stationary beam of light is reduce the failure
Image positive and negative conversion: there is
Picture 90/180 degrees conversion: yes
Image storage: there are 12 frame digital noise reduction
The freezing: have already
Gray: more than 12
To exercise: more than 125 orbit degree
210mm: greater than horizontal movement
410mm: greater than vertical movement
Swinging: positive and negative 15 degrees
C arm rotation movement: 180/360 degrees
From: JiaoPin 1020cm
Arc deep: 850 mm
Filter line (Korea bashan: a king)
Double switch:
Manual switch:
Foot control switch:
Emergency switch:
Swinging brake: yes
Orbital glide brake: yes
Travel brake: yes
Revolve brake: yes
Electric lift: there are (original Denmark plunger motor warranty 15 years)
Monitor: there are two sets
C-arm: strong track, not shaking influence the image.
Line: have (silica gel not dilapidation easily get an electric shock)
Modular and single-chip microcomputer: yes
Operation platform: membrane switch (waterproof)
Fault automatic diagnostic testing: there are (can remind paramedics correctly use)
Upgrade platform: have the (hospital can according to need to upgrade)

YSX0712 8.0kw high frequency mobile c-arm X-ray machine
Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
8.0kW High Frequency Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine
High Frequency Mobile C-arm
Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine
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