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Portble Ultrasound Biomicroscope YSSW-3200S

Model: YSSW-3200S

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Portble Ultrasound Biomicroscope YSMD-3200S

Portble Ultrasound Biomicroscope YSMD-3200S

Panoramic UBM YSSW-3200S linear scanning range of up to 17mm. UBM is used to check the anterior segment, including the cornea, anterior chamber angle, ciliary body, iris, anterior chamber structures such as display and diagnosis of disease, double-angle display and measurement. Widely used in glaucoma, ocular trauma, ciliary diseases.
A transducer center frequency:. 50MHz/35 MHz 
2 Scan mode: linear, no distortion, wide field of view can be displayed simultaneously scanning both sides of the corner 
3 Scan range: 17mm × 10mm; 10mm × 6.5mm 
4 Resolution: Axial is not greater than 40um; side to no more than 40um 
5 geometric location accuracy: Longitudinal ≤ 2%; Transverse ≤ 2% 
6 geometric distortion: no interpolation data, zero distortion imaging 
7. Multidimensional precise positioning manipulators with damping 
8 Display Mode:. UBM, UBM + A 
9 System Performance: 50 MHz ultrasound has a dedicated independent amplification system makes the image clearer anterior segment 
10. The unique eye position and fixation system 
11. WINDOWS XP, VISTA, WINDOWS7 platform imaging workstation systems 
12 Rich post-processing, multi-block length, angle measurement 
13 WINDOWS can always switch to view the image, generate standardized inspection report
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