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Hemodialysis Reprocessing System YSDRM168B

Model: YSDRM168B

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Hemodialysis Reprocessing System YSDRM168B


1. YSDRM168B dialyzer reprocessing machine are the first automatic dialyzer reprocessing machine in the world, and YSDRM168B with double workstation. Our perfectness comes from professional and advanced technology, that makes our products legal, safe, and stable.
2. YSDRM168B Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine are the main device for hospital to sterilize, clean, test and affuse reusable dialyzer used in hemodialysis treatment.
3. Procedure of Reusing Processing:
          [Rinse]----Using RO water to rinse dialyzer.
          [Clean]----Using disinfectant to clean dialyzer.
          [Test] -----Testing blood chamber capacity of dialyzer and whether the membrane is broken or not.
          [Disinfect] ---Using disinfectant to affuse dialyzer.
4. Be used in hospital only.

Technical Parameter

Size & Weight   Size:  YSDRM168B  480mm×380mm×580mm (L*W*H)
Weight:  YSDRM168B  35KG
Power Supply:AC 220V±10%, 50Hz-60Hz, 2A
Input power: 150W
Water input pressure: 0.15~0.35 MPa (21.75 P.S.I.~50.75 P.S.I.)
Water input temperature: 10℃~40℃
Minimum water Inlet flow : 1.5L/min
Reprocessing time: about 12 minutes per cycle
Work environment: temperature 5℃~40℃at relative humidity of no more than 80%.
Storage temperature should be between 5℃~40℃at relative humidity of no more than 80%.


PC work station:can create,save, search the patients database; operation standard of nurse; easily scan the code to send the signal for reprocessor running automatically;
Effective when reprocessing single or double dialysers at one time. Model – W-F-168-B
Cost-effective: compatible with many brands of disinfectant.
Accuracy & safety: automatic disinfectant dilution
Anti-cross infection control: extra blood port header to prevent infection among patients.
Record function: print reprocessing data, such as name, sex, number of case, date, time, etc.
Double printing: built-in printer or optional external printer(adhesive sticker)

Why to choose YSDRM168B Dialyzer Reprocessing:
1. Adopting pulsating current oscillation technique, in the form of positive and reverse rinse as well as positive and reverse UF to eliminate the leftover in dialyzer in a short time to resume cell volume, so as to prolong the life span of dialyzers.
2. The accurate and efficient test of TCV and blood leak, reflect directly the situation of reprocessing, thus assured the safety of the whole course.
3. Rinse, cleaning, testing and disinfectant affusion could be done either respectively or together, suiting different requirements.
4. Functions like reprocessing system setting, disinfection of machine and debugging are introduced under the main menu.
5. The auto setting of reprocessing run the evacuation before affusion, in order to prevent the redilution of disinfectant.
6. The special design of concentration detection ensures the accuracy of disinfectant and safety of disinfection.
7. Human-oriented design of touch control LCD makes the operation easy.
8. Only a tap and the whole reprocessing would run automatically.
9. The stored information of model capacity ultra filtration coefficient etc makes operation easy and accurate.
10.Functions of troubleshooting tips and shooting alarming reflect the situation timely to the operator.
11.The adoption of 41 patents improved the quality while decreased water use (less than 8L once for per dialyzer)

This machine is designed, made and sold for reusable dialyzer only.  
The following five kinds of dialyzers can not be reused in this machine
(1) the dialyzer which has been used by the positive hepatitis B virus patient
(2) the dialyzer which has been used by the positive hepatitis C virus patient
(3) the dialyzer which has been used by the HIV carriers or HIV AIDS patient
(4) the dialyzer which has been used by other patient with blood-infectious disease
(5) the dialyzer which has been used by the patient who has an allergy to disinfectant used in reprocessing.

Yuesen Med equipment purchase process


Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
Hemodialysis reprocessor
Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine
Dialyzer Reprocessing
Hemodialysis Reprocessing System
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