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Touch Screen Prostate Treatment Apparatus YSSW3903

Model: YSSW3903

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7-15 days
Brand Name:      Yuesen Med
Price:                    Inquire

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Touch Screen Prostate Treatment Apparatus YSSW3903
Touch Screen Prostate Treatment Apparatus YSSW3903


1. Main Application and Applicable Scope

Suitable for prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate with prostatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic and the adjuvant treatment of prostate pain.

2.Product Functions

This apparatus integrates thermal therapy, vibration massage and magnetic therapy(static magnetism + dynamic magnetism) as a whole.

1).Thermal therapy mainly use the heating and heat conduction effect to promote prostate local blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, increase the prostate gland bubble and permeability of the gland, strengthen phagocytosis of white blood cells and enzyme activity, accelerate the metabolism of local products and toxin emissions,which is conducive to the absorption of inflammation and fade.

2).Vibration massage mainly work instead of hand massage.Prostate massage can relieve the local congestion, reduce the secretion stasis, removal of prostate gland duct of bacteria and debris, promote drug and inflammation absorption, alleviate symptoms of perineum.

3).Magnetic field can adjust the body biological magnetic field, create the micro electric current, change the membrane permeability, the activity of some enzymes and dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, so as to achieve such as adjuvant treatment of pain, swelling, etc.


3. Working principle

This apparatus integrates thermal therapy, simulated finger massage and magnetic therapy(static magnetism + dynamic magnetism) as a whole and its curve shaped treating head made in accord with human physiological structure is applied to the focus of prostate directly via rectum.

Through the heating wire,digital micro controller can make probe temperature heating to 38 ~ 50 degrees.It can improve the local tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, relieve spasm and pain.

Through the role of the dynamic and static magnetic magnet,it produces magnetic induction lines to cross through the gland and enhance the absorption of the drug;

By controlling the motor of the orderly movement, it can produce the massage effect. The accord with human body physiology curve shape treats probe by transrectal in prostate lesions.

4.Technical parameters:

Power Supply AC220±22V, 50±1HZ

Max. Temperature of Treating Head ≤50ºC

Power Consumption ≤35W(computer excluded)

Massage Frequency≥1000turn/min (adjustable)

1500V/1min without perforation

Treating Head Remanence Intensity 200mT

Temperature Control 38-50ºC Continuous

Enhancing Magnetic Body 120mT

Time Limitation  20min-80min.

Protected Time for Over Current≤1S

Display and operation on touch panel

Through ISO 13485 and ISO9001 the quality management system certification

Independent invention patent products


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Touch Screen Prostate Treatment Apparatus YSSW3903, Touch Screen Prostate Prostate Treatment Apparatus, Andrology Equipment
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