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Oxygen Concentrator Generator YSOCS-AE3

Model: YSOCS-AE3

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7-15 days
Brand Name:      Yuesen Med
Price:                    Inquire

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator YSOCS-AE3


PSA Technology
Large LCD display of the total working hours and the present working time
Timing Function for working hour's control (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
Resettable Circuit Breaker and Flame Breaker
Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away from most of impurity, bacteria and PM2.5
Intelligent self diagnosis system: Malfunction information display on LCD
Intelligent Cooling Control System ensures 8000 hours continuously working at stable and high purity of 93% in real time
Super mute oil-free compressor ensures 30% longer life span
Long service life, suitable for 24 hours operation with non-stop
Ultra-quiet, Low dB(A),  ≤36d B(A)
Warranty: 36 months     

Flow Rate 1-3L/MIN 1-5L/MIN 1-8L/MIN 1-10L/MIN
Concentration 90-96% 90-96% 90-96% 90-96%
Power 390W 390W 450W 610W
Sound Level ≤36dB ≤36dB ≤50dB ≤50dB
Outlet Pressure 40-80 kPa 40-80 kPa 40-80 kPa 40-80 kPa
Net Weight 21KG 21.5KG 24KG 24KG
Gross Weight 23KG 23.5KG 26KG 26KG
Warranty 2 years
Standard Functions 1. Power failure Alarm; High Temperature Alarm
2. Intelligent Self Checking System: Alarm and Error Indication on LCD.
3. Long service life with stable performance. Suit for 24 hours using.
4. With 5 stages filters which keep away from air pollution, PM 2.5 and Bacteria.
5. Resetable Circuit Breaker, Flame Breaker, Maintenance Alert.
6. Most Quiet in China which is the best choice for using in bedroom.
Optional Function FOC Colors  Dark Grey /  Creamy White
Alarms Purity Alarm
High/Low Pressure Alarm
Nebulizer To achieve Atomization function
Dual Flow W/ independent humidifier and flow meter
Dimensions Net Machine Size: 372×340×612 mm
Packing Box Size: 445*400*660 mm

Medical Oxygen Concentrator 
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