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X-ray dosimeter YSX1628

Model: YSX1628

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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High Performance YSX1628 X/Y ray Radiation Dosimeter
The portable radioactive contamination dosimeter is a wearable device,which id produced with the functionally powerful MCU technology.

It is mainly for testing x-ray and y-ray, and directly reading the dose and dose rate.

In the scope of its measurement, the alarming threshold can be fixed or pre-set.When the threshold is overrun or block dose happens, the meter will send out light and sound alarm signals. As a wearable device, it features small size and low power.
It is widely used in such fields as non-destructive flaw detection, nuclear power station,nuclear submarine, isotope application, and cobalt therapy in hospital.

1. High sensitivity, and response to environmental background.
2. Measuring both dose and dose rate, and providing various alarming signals.
3. Low power, small size, and easy use.

Technical parameter:
1. Detector:GM counting tube, measuring X-ray and γ-ray;
2. Display screen: 4 numbers LCD;
3. Measuring range:
    Accumulated dose equivalent: Hp(10)0.0usv~99.99msv;
    Dose equivalent rate: Hp (10)0.1usv/h~99.99msv/h;
4. Response time: 3.6S-36S;
5. Measuring rate response: <±20%(1usv/h~99.99msv/h)
6. Energy response: <±30%(50KeV~1.3MeV)
7. Relative inherent error: <±20%(137Cs).
8. Alarm function and alarm valve value: Measuring rate and accumulated dose can preset alarm valve value in the measuring range. The fixed alarm valve value as follows:
    1).Accumulated dose: Per increase 0.1usv, a short noise and light each time: ≥50 usv, sound-light alarm5s,"ALARM"display.
    2.) Measuring rate: ≥25usv/h,sound-light alarm is about 6s,"ALARM" display.
    3. )Clogging alarm: when counting tube clogged, alarm continuously, "ALARM" display, alarm sound intensity is about 80 decibels at the 30 cm.
9. The battery under voltage indicates: when Battery voltage <2.7 +/- 0.05 Vs, the instrument displays under voltage symbol "LOBAT". It still can work for more than 24 hours in the lower radiation place after under voltage symbol appears.
10. Battery and consumption: AAA type 1.5 V alkaline battery(7#battery), consumption<2mw, continuous service: 720 hours.
11. Temperature characteristic: < ±10%- 10degree -- +50degree.
12. Temperature features: <±10% 95%RH(+35%);
13. Size: 55(width)×92(length)×18(thickness).
14. Weight: <75g,including battery <98g.

YSX1628 X/Y ray Radiation Dosimeter

High Performance YSX1628 X/Y ray Radiation Dosimeter

High Performance YSX1628 X/Y ray Radiation Dosimeter
Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
Medical X-Y Ray Dosimeter: Type YSX1628
Accumulated dose: Hp (10)0.0μSv-99.99mSv
Dose rate: Hp(10)0.1μSv/h - 99.99mSv/h
Gives an alarm when accumulated dose increases 0.1uSv or dose rate>=25uSv/h

Weight: < 98g
Dimension: 55×92×18(mm)
Radiation Dosimeter
X/Y ray Radiation Dosimeter
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