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> Hematology Analyzer

High-quality fully auto blood analyzer YSTE610

Model: YSTE610

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Hot Sale Fully Auto Blood Analyzer / Hematology Analyzer YSTE610

YSTE610’s Features:
1) Function: just use 9.6μL of sample, really implement the micro-counting, not need pre-dilution   outside the machine
2) Advanced technology of back flush and refluence, keep away from clog. Automatic sample
    probe cleaning (inside and outside), without paper wipe. Automatic pipeline soak with operating  
    the shut-down procedure, removing the protein adhering the counting aperture
3) Fully closed reagent, reduce the pollution of reagent. Auto-lever detection, caution for change
4) Detection parameter:
    a) White blood cell count (WBC)
    b) Lymphocyte number (LYM#)
    c) Mid-cell number (MID#)
    d) Granulocyte number (GRAN#)
    e) Lymphocyte percent (LYM)%
    f) Mid-cell percent (MID)%
    g) Granulocytes percent (GRAN)%
    h) Red blood cell count (RBC)

5) Technical specifications:
    a) Detection principle: electrical resistance for cell counting, cyanide-free photometric method for HGB
    b) Detection parameter: 3-part differentiation of WBC, 20 parameters
    c) Work mode: double channels counting and independent hemoglobin blood detect system
    d) Volume of sample: 9.6μL
    e) Micro-aperture: WBC: 100μm; RBC/PLT: 80μm
    f) Throughput: >60 samples/hour, can run round-the-clock, automatic stand-by and active
    g) Classifying method: fixed terminus, float terminus, artificial adjustment
    h) Volume of reagent:
    i) Diluent: 20ml/sample
    j) Lyse: 0.3ml/sample
    k) Cleaner: 4ml/sample
    l) Carryover: WBC, PLT, HGB<2%, RBC<1%

6) Quality control: L-J QC diagram, -x, SD, CV%
7) Result storage: automatic storing of all 12,000 sample parameters +3 histograms
8) Reference value defining: adult man, adult woman, child, infant, common, and 3 kinds of user self-defining
9) Display: color LCD display with 10.4", resolution: 640 x 480
10) Information: including many kinds of information such as: name, department, and inspector
11) Input/output: parallel printer interface, RS232, keyboard interface, mouse interface
12) Operation environment:
      a) Temperature: 15 - 35°C
      b) Humidity: 10 - 90%
      c) Power requirement: AC220V+10%, 50/60+1Hz or AC110V+10%, 50/60+1Hz
      d) Weight: 25kg               

13) YSTE0108 Reagent List:
      Hemoglobin (HGB)
      Hematocrit (HCT)
      Mean cell volume (MCV)
      Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH)
      Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)
      Red blood cell distributed width- standard deviation (RDW £¬ SD)
      Red blood cell distributed width- coefficient of variation (RDW £¬ CV)
      Platelet count (PLT)
      Mean platelet volume (MPV)
      Platelet distributed width (PDW)
      Plateletcrit (PCT)
      Plateletcrit-large cell ratio (P£¬LCR)
      Colorized volume distribution histogram of WBC (WBC Histogram)
      Colorized volume distribution histogram of RBC (RBC Histogram)
      Colorized volume distribution histogram of PLT (PLT Histogram)

Full Auto Blood Analyzer / Hematology Analyzer

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Hot Sale Fully Auto Blood analyzer
High Performance Fully Auto Blood analyzer
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Fully Auto Blood analyzer
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