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Medical Baby infant Transport Incubator YSBT-100

Model: YSBT-100

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Medical Baby Infant Transport Incubator YSBT-100 High Quality

Medical Baby Infant Transport Incubator YSBT-100

YSBT-100 Brief Introduction

1. Two temperature control modes: Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer;
2. Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance;
3. Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately;
4. Failure alarm indication;
5. >37°C temperature set function is optional;
6. Disposable skin temperature sensor is optional;
7. Double wall acrylic glass hood with side door, the bassinet can be pulled out from the side door;
8. Humidify by natural air flow;
9. The height of whole unit can be adjusted;
10. Oxygen supply system;
11. Observation lamp;
12. Two types of trolley can be chosen: common trolley and ambulance type trolley.
YSBT-100 Standard Configuration
Main body (including the hood, controller, bassinet, internal battery, and observation lamp), oxygen cylinders, oxygen supply system, skin temperature sensor, I.V. Pole, mattress, trolley.
Optional configuration: >37°C override temperature mode, extra internal battery, ambulance type trolley, disposable skin temperature sensor.
YSBT-100 Specification
1. AC Power supply: AC220V-230V/50Hz Or AC110-120V/50-60Hz 
2. DC Power supply:
3. DC12V/10A or DC24V/6A 
4. Input power: 400VA 
5. Mode of control: Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
6. Air temperature control range: 25°C-37°C(Override mode 37-38°C)
7. Baby temperature control range: 34°C-37°C(Override mode 37-37.5°C)
8. Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ≤0.3°C
9. Temperature variability: ≤1.0°C
10. Temperature uniformity: ≤1.5°C(mattress is on the horizontal position)
11. Noise inside hood: ≤52dB(A) (Environment noise≤45dB(A))
12. Failure alarm: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motor fan failed alarm, power failure alarm and so on.
13. Operating at temperature equilibrium:90min(Set Temp 36°C-Ambient 15°C)
YSBT-100 Environmental Temperature
Operating range: 10 °C-30°C
(Set temperature should be higher 3°C than the environment temperature)
Ambient air movement rate: ≤1.0m/s

Baby infant Transport Incubator
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Medical Baby infant Transport Incubator
Baby infant Transport Incubator
Infant Transport Incubator
High Quality Transport Incubator
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