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Veterinary electric operating table YSVET0504

Model: YSVET0504

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Wooden case
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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High quality animal electric operating table YSVET0504 

animal electric operating table, vet operating table

Animal electric operating table YSVET0504

Ⅰ. General Introduction
YSVET0504 electric animal operating table is based on YSVET0503, and add constant temperature system & electric rise and down function. It is suitable for small animal’s operation, such as sheep, dog, and etc. It is reasonable structured, tight, high performance, easy operation and has very strong practicability.

Ⅱ. Design Parameter
  1、Table height:760-1060mm
  2、Table dimension:1400*650mm
  3、Table gradient :±15°
  4、Adjustable angle of table board:0°-45°
  5、The range of temperature:0°-50°

Ⅲ. Production and Performance
  1、YSVET0504 electric animal operating table is composed of table-board, pin, and table pedestal, equipped with surgical instruments bracket, tray and infusion support.
  2、The completed operating table is made of stainless steel, table pedestal adopts rolling design, can move easily and has fixed-lock bolt.

Ⅴ. Structure Diagram

animal electric operating table, vet operating table structure

1、adjust bolt  2、universal wheel  3、pedestal  4、foot switch  5、power switch  6、temperature control gauge   7、drain port  8、overturn lock nut  9、tray 10、infusion support  11、pin shaft  12、table board  13、incline lock nut  14、adjust hand wheel  15、case

Ⅵ. Installation and Use
  1、Take the operating table out after unpacking, and move it to designated location.
  2、Adjust bolt 1, to make the operating table smooth.
  3、Power on and pedal the foot switch 4, then you can rise or down the operating table as need. If failed to rise/down, just need to open electrical box and change the fuse.
  4、Loosen incline lock nut13, then adjust hand wheel 14 to incline the table board.
  5、Loosen overturn nut 8 to adjust operating table board. You can adjust one side of table board separately, and also can adjust both sides. Lock overturn lock nut after reach the required angle. 
  6、Power on, turn on the power switch 5 and preheat 20 minutes when you need constant temperature. The temperature is set before delivery.
  7、Both ends of tray and infusion support can be used according to requirement, the height of infusion is adjustable.
  8、Grid can be equipped according to client’s requirement.

Ⅶ. Maintenance
  1、The operating table should be leveled before use.
  2、Clean the table board after operating, and must be disinfected in time to prevent bacterial growth.
  3、If the table rise/down very often, need to refuel the copper bar one time every 15 days.
  4、Electric box must against water.
  5、Related documents, such as certificate of quality, operation manual and etc. are in packing box, read carefully before using.

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