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Veterinary video otoscope YSVET-500EJ

Model: YSVET-500EJ

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7-15 days
Brand Name:      Yuesen Med
Price:                    Inquire

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Veterinary video otoscope YSVET-500EJ 
Veterinary video otoscope YSVET-500EJ
YSVET-500EJ Veterinary ENT endoscope is mainly used to observe the measured object that  human eye can not observe or disassemble. The product has a unique front LED light source, without additional lighting, high-definition stainless steel to lengthen the optical lens, built-in high-resolution color video camera, so that the parts of the image are checked to see more depth and clearer, more thorough. Handheld probe can be more intuitive, put the measured parts of the image displayed on the monitor quickly.
Veterinary video otoscope YSVET-500EJ
1. Ear canal to check: to show clients the ear canal abnormalities. Such as: ear mites, foreign bodies, inflammation and other pre-treatment state.
2. Oral examination: oral lesions and gingival lesions to show clients.
3.  Picture freeze function to facilitate the doctor on specific parts of the observation and diagnosis.
High brightness LED light source, the import of the CCD imaging element for doctors to provide high quality clear images.
4. Portable, integrated design, built-in 8.5-inch color LCD display, small size and light weight.
5.  Powerful animal hospital for endoscopic image acquisition system software, the leading domestic.
6.  National patent products

Technical parameters
1. built-in camera :1/3 SONY CCD
2. Resolution≥420TV lines
3. Image magnification≥2 times
4. Type of light source: LED, white light
5. Brightness of the light source: > 1000cd/m2
6. Diameter of Mirror tube: φ6mm±0.2mm
7. Length of the mirror tube: 100mm
8. Color LCD monitor: 8.5 inch (16:9)
9. AC input: 100~240V,50/60Hz  DC output: DC12V,2A
10. Gross weight 7.3kg
11. Package size: 37*51.5*29cm
Veterinary video otoscope YSVET-500EJ
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