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240L large lifted door medical steam autoclave YSMJ-MD240

Model: YSMJ-MD240

Model:               YSMJ-MD240
Place of origin:     China
Package:             Plywood
Minimum Order:       1 set
Delivery Time:       7 days
Brand Name:          YUESEN MED

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240L large lifted door medical steam autoclave


240L large medical steam autoclave price

Technology advantage:

Major controller adopts high cost performance programmable controller imported from OMRON, which has a powerful function, stability and reliability.
Man-machine interface adopts 7 inch touch screen with 6 ten thousand 5 thousand color TEF true-color, which has a powerful function with rich colors, shows animation and curve report, etc.
Besides elegant appearance, man-machine interface software design is more considered on the convenient of user operation, which fully adopts menu program design, one-key touch screen operation and all kinds of operation intensive design. It is a full-color real-time dynamic display for each running process.
Controller software design realizes real-timely feedback module of its own based on fuzzy control theoretical to ensure accurate processing control, which guarantees the bond, fluctuation and uniformity of temperature thoroughly.
Special warning function of maintenance is designed to remind user of maintenance, which includes cleaning sealing ring, wiping main body and checking filter regularly.
The safe, simple, and reliable electricity-lifted sealing door has a pneumatic sealing structure.
The imported high quality pneumatic valve and solenoid valve ensure stable performance and a long lifespan.
Perfect fault information warning and fault self-diagnosis function.
Optional protection system of three-level user privilege is convenient for user to manage equipment.
Remote monitoring can be achieved by optional ethernet module
Optional barcode scanner to connect the medical HIS system can be convenient to realize.
Optional USB storage system real-timely can store the operating situation into USB storage device.
Remote operation can be achieved by optional central monitoring system.
Safety feature:
Mechanical pressure relief safety valve for chamber and jacket
◇Over-pressure protective device of chamber
Over-temperature protective device of chamber        
◇Fault self-checking device of temperature sensor
◇Fault self-checking device of pressure sensor       
◇Overload protective device of door motor
◇Overload protective device of vacuum pump        
◇Protective measure device of door safety
◇Interlock function device of double door              
Phase sequence detection function device of power network
Losing electricity protection function device of door seal       
Undervoltage detection device of compressor
Main parameters:
Design pressure: 0.35MPa
Max.working pressure: 0.23MPa
Max.working temperature: 138℃
Working temperature range: 105℃~138℃
Vapour pressure: 0.3MPa~0.5MPa
Water source requirement: soft water with 0.15~0.3Mpa pressure
Pulsation times range: 0~99 times
Sterilization time range: 0~9999 seconds
Drying time range: 0~9999 seconds
Control power:AC220V/50HZ/0.5KW
Compressed air source: 0.50MPa~0.70MPa  filter of oil,water, dust removal
Type Volume Chamber size (L×W×H)mm Outer size (L×W×H)mm Net weight Dynamical power
Maximum steam consumption (kg/cycle) Maximum water consumption (kg/cycle)
MD(240L) 240L 670×600×600 982×1255×1780 750KG 1.45 18 200
MD(360L) 360L 1000×600×600 1306×1255×1780 930KG 1.45 22 200
MD(600L) 600L 1180×610×910 1472×1286×1940 1400KG 2.35 28 250
MD(800L) 800L 1460×610×910 1742×1286×1940 1500KG 2.35 30 250
MD(1000L) 1000L 1800×610×910 2092×1286×1940 1600KG 2.35 38 350
MD(1200L) 1200L 1500×680×1180 1812×1445×1940 1950KG 2.35 40 360
MD(1500L) 1500L 1870×680×1180 2182×1445×1940 2200KG 3.85 45 450

Annotations: custom-made according to special requirement. The factory has the right to modify and optimize for pictures and parameters.
lifted door steam sterilizer
240L steam autoclave
240L steam  sterilizer
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