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Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray machine YSX1005D

Model: YSX1005D

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray machine YSX1005D

Panoramic Parameters

IEC Classification: Class I, type B
Power Supply: 220V,50/60Hz,10A (can be adjusted as customer’s requirement)
Mains Resistance: <1.5ohm at 220 V
X-ray generator: High frequency dc at 20 kHz
Anodic Voltage: 60-86 kV, Constant Potential
Anodic Current: 4-10 mA, Direct Current  
Focus size: 0.5*0.5mm
Inherent Filtration: 2.5 mm Al
Column Height: 230cm
Displacement: 90 cm, from 90 to 180 cm
Vertical Movement: Manual Adjustment
Patient Positioning: Manual Carriage Adjustment
Centering Light Lateral
Centering Chin rest
Reference with bite wing
Imaging Parameters of Digital Sensor ipan:

Color Depth 12bits (4096gray scale)
Pixel size 96 micrometer
Resolution 4lp/mm
Scan Time 10–20sec(depending on host machine)
Exposure time             19 s
Projections:              Adult (19 s)
                       Children (16 s)
                       Half left (10 s)
                       Half Right (10 s )
                       Frontal Teeth (12 s)
                       TMJ opened and closed
                       Mouth (4*3.2s)
                       Frontal Sinuses (18 s)
Cooling pause:     automatically controlled

Digital panoramic dental x-ray system
Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray machine
Panoramic Dental X-ray machine

Yuesen Med equipment purchase process
Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray machine YSX1005D
Panoramic Dental X-ray machine
High Frequency Dental X-ray Machine
Dental X-ray machine

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