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YSLXD350S Portable slit lamp microscope

Model: YSLXD350S

Place of origin:    China
Package:              Plywood
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Time:     7 days
Brand Name:      YUESEN MED

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YSLXD350S Portable Slit Lamp Micoscope 
Portable slit lamp microscope

· The Galilean type microscope system adopts revolving drum
· The excellent optical system can give you a clear and clean image
· The 14mm aperture can help you observe the whole cornea and iris easily, and it is convenient to examine the foreign object
· The German imported 12V30W Osram halogen lamp can fully make use of every beam. It can make sure that you get the clean and clear image effect with the minimum illumination, at the same time can protect the patients’ eye
· The high eyepoint and open field eyepieces design can guarantee the clear image even when you wear glasses
· The modular design can reserve the adapters, this is convenient to connect beam splitter, digital camera adapter and the CCD adapter,  thus can upgrade to the digital camera system or the image capture system
· The adapter function is good, digital single lens reflex camera and the digital vidicon are compatible

Microscope type Galilean-Type
Magnification 3-STEP 
Eye piece 12.5×
Total magnification ratio 10×, 16×, 25× (standard configuration)
Adjustment of diopter ±7D
Range of pupil distance 54mm~82mm
Slit lamp illumination adjustment 3-step dimming
Slit width 0 ~14mm adjustable
Slit height 1~14mm adjustable
Slit angle 0º~180º rotatable
Slit inclination 5º, 10º, 15º, 20º
Illumination mode Upper light source
Light spot diameter φ14mm, φ10mm, φ5mm,φ3mm, φ2mm, φ1mm, φ0.2mm
Filter Thermal-isolating, ND, Red-free, Cobalt-blue
Fixation coordinate Red LED
Illumination bulb 12V30W OSRAM
Power 220V/110V~±10%, 120VA
Output power 30VA (Max)
Output voltage 12V adjustable continuously
Field of view  40× (Ø5.5mm), 25× (Ø8.5mm), 16× (Ø13.5mm), 10×(Ø22mm), 6× (Ø34.7mm)
Dimension 740 x 450 x 500(mm)

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YSLXD350S Portable Slit lamp / Slit lamp microscope, microscope, Slit light
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