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Infant Medical Air-oxygen blender YSKY-10A

Item No.: YSKY-10A
Infant Medical Air-oxygen blender with good price.
Product parameters
MOQ: 1
Package: Wooden Package
Ship From: Guangzhou
Lead Time: 1-3 days
Customization: Yes
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Infant Medical Air-oxygen blender

Performance characteristics:
1. The air-oxygen blender is used under the condition of higher oxygen concentration, such as hood, nasal catheter, incubator, infant resuscitator,
heart lung machine
2. The different concentrations of medical oxygen will be configured by adjusting the proportion of oxygen and air.
3. Adjust the oxygen concentration and flow respectively.
4. The structure of double output port can supply gas for one or more patients at the same time
5. Equipped with a regulating valve that can adjust the proportion of oxygen concentration, and a device that makes the pressure
stable, in order to output the constant pressuer
6. An inside system of differential pressure. When alarming, the safety valve starts automatically, and produces the mixture gas
continuously to ensure the safety of patients
Infant Medical Air-oxygen blender

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