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Mobile Mammography X-ray Machine YSX-DM300

Item No.: YSX-DM300
Latest Mobile Mammography X-ray Machine For Sale With Good Price.
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Mobile Mammography X-ray Machine


Mobile Mammography X-ray MachineSN Navigator DR Care

Item Description
  1. Rating power:5000VA
  2. Integrated System (Generator Integrated within the main device)
  3. High voltage generator output: ≥100 kHz, 20 kV to 40 kV increment step: 1 kV
  4. High performance X-ray tube:
Standard:Molybdenum Anode, Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/ 0.3 mm (Large)
Optional:Tungsten Anode, Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/ 0.3 mm (Large)
  1. Support iso-center rotation function
  2. C-arm Rotation range: +180°~ -135°
  3. Height range of breast support surface: 750mm-1330mm;
  4. C-arm power-driven electrically, Dual side digital display;
  5. Compression plate: flexible and multi-level smart Compression
  6. Spatial Resolution: >6 Lp/mm
  7. Detector type: Amorphous Silicon Detector
  8. Effective Imaging Area: 24*30cm
  9. Acquisition Station compatible with DICOM 3.0
  10. Focal distance : 650mm
  11. Added filter: Mo / Rh / AG
  12. Added filter Switch: Manual/Automatic
  13. X-ray Field adjustment: Manual
  14. Magnification factor: 1.5
  15. Exposure mode: Manual / AEC
  16. Supply: 220V~,±10%
  17. Frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz
  18. Max. power : 5000 VA
  19. N.W.: 240 Kg
  20. Compact design, minimum device height: < 1.1 m
Packing Size: 182 X 103 X 139 CM
2 High-Voltage Generator
  a)  Frequency:≥100KHz;
b)  Tube voltage Range: 20 kV ~ 40 kV in 1 kV step;
c)  Max Output: 4 kW;
d)  Max tube voltage:40kV;
e)  Max tube current: 140mA;
f)  Max current time product: ≥630mAs;
g)  Ripple: <4%.
3 X-Ray Tube
TUBE Standard:
  1. Imported X-ray tube for Mammography;
  2. Anode Type: Molybdenum;
  3. Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/ 0.3 mm (Large)
  4. Permanent filtration: 0.5mmBe
  5. Max anode speed: 10000rpm/min;
  6. Max tube voltage:40kV;
  7. Max tube current: 35mA(small)/140mA(Large)
Maximun tube assembly heat content: 320 KJ
  1. Imported X-ray tube for Mammography;
  2. Anode Type: Tungsten;
  1. Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/ 0.3 mm (Large)
  2. Permanent filtration:0.5mmBe;
  3. Max anode speed: 10000rpm/min;
  4. Max tube voltage:49kV;
  5. Max tube current: 35mA(small)/140mA(Large)
    1. Maximun tube assembly heat content: 320 KJ
4 Beam Limiting Device  
  1. Electric switch between Molybdenum or Tungsten or Argentum added filter;
  2. Adjustable X-ray field manually.
  3. Light field indicator is on automatically as compression plate moves down;
  4. Light field indicator is off with delay as compression plate stops moving;
e)  Off delay of light field indicator can be set via software.
5 C-arm Assembly
  1. C-arm up-down and rotation movement controlled via C-arm control panel;
  2. C-arm stops automatically at common mammographic position: CC, OBL and LAT;
  3. Rotation angle of OBL position can be set via software;
  4. Support table up-down range: 750mm(L)~1330mm(H);
  5. Rotation type of C-arm: isocenter rotation around the examined part;
  6. Rotation range of C-arm: -135o~180o
  7. Distance between focal spot and image reception area:650mm;
  8. Magnification factor:1.5
  9. Device can be installed in the movable physical vehicle as max height of device is less than 110cm;
  10. Local display panel on the both side of the stand can indicate rotation angle of C-arm;
  11. For safer operation, emergency stop button is locate on the top of C-arm;
Duplex foot switch(2 pcs) provided.
6 Compression Device
  1. Up-down movement : power-driven electrically;
  2. Compression control: continuous activation by foot;
  3. Compression mode: flexible and multi-level compression, automatic and manual decompression;
  4. Compression plate travel range: 5~268mm;
  5. Compression force: 0~200N
  6. Compression thickness: 5~268mm
Size of compression plate: 24X30cm.
7 Local Operation and Display  
  1. a) Dual display with backlight on the both side;
  2. b) Parameters displayed:
  3. -  rotation angle of C-arm;
  4. -  compression thickness;
  5. -  compression force;
  6. -  KV;
  7. -  mAs;
  8. -  density
  9. -  focal spot selected;
  10. -  exposure mode;
  11. -  Added filter selected;
  12. -  automatic decompression indication;
  13. -  state indication;
  14. -  failure alarming indication;
  15. c) Control function:
  16. -  KV;
  17. -  mAs;
  18. -  density
  19. -  selection of focal spot;
  20. -  selection of filter;
  21. -  selection of mammographic mode;
-  selection of automatic decompression    after exposure.
  1. Anti-scatter Grid
  1. Support movable grid;
  2. Grid ratio: 5:1;
  3. Grid density: 41 L/cm;
  4. Grid focal distance:65cm;
Manually unload grid in magnification mode.
9 Digital Image Detector
  1. Detector type: Amorphous Silicon Detector;
  2. Material: Amorphous Silicon + CSI;
  3. Min. pixel: 85µm;
  4. Image Matrix Sizes: 2816×3528 pixels;
  5. Effective Imaging Area: 24cm×30cm;
  6. Image Reading Duration: <1.4s;
  7. Interval Duration: <30s;
  8. Spatial Resolution: 6 lp/mm;
  9. MTF: 50%;
  10. DQE: 50% (1 Lp/mm);
Output Gray scale: 14 bits
10 Acquisition Station
  1. Intel CPU frequency≥2.4GHz,≥ 4 GB Memory, ≥500 GB HDD
  2. Medical Display, 1 MP, Brightness 250Cd/m2, Contrast 1000:1
  3. Image Acquisition Software
  4. Image Detector Self-check and adjustment
  5. Patient Information and Image Management
  6. Auto Explore Control
  7. Acquisition of Explored Image Information
  8. Browsing and Searching of Image
  9. Measure the Distance, Angle, Space of Image and Mark The Selected Area
  10. Image Process after Acquisition: Black and white reverse, rotate and flip, zoom, local editing, enhancement, filtering noise, copies, abridged, etc.
  11. DICOM 3.0 Services (Print, Store, Query/Retrieve, CDRW, Scheduled Workflow and Patient Information Reconciliation)
  12. Automatic failure diagnosis, error code and message indication;
  13. Exposure activation: exposure button;
Data backup and recovery.
11 Automatic Exposure Control  
  1. Automatically select imaging parameters according to the thickness of breast and density of tissue;
  2. Integration detector;
  3. Automatically position selection.
d)  Automatically kV, filter and mAs selection.
12 Manuals
  1. User Manual
Pre-Installation Manual


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