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Total Bilirubin Meter

Item No.: YSTBM100
Total Bilirubin Meter with good price.
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Total Bilirubin Meter

The principle of total bilirubin meter is direct photometry. It tests the color of blood plasma, and gets the concentration of total bilirubin by compare the color to calibrator. 

The collected blood divide to 2 parts after centrifuge, the bottom part is blood cell, the up part is plasma. The measuring light is shine at 37mm from bottom, so the level of blood cell must be less than 37 mm from bottom. If it is higher than this level, all the result will be wrong.

The capillary has only about 4 mm out of the measuring holder when it is inserted into measuring well through. If capillary is inserted improperly, the result will be wrong.


Measuring principle direct photometry
Capillary 75mm/60μL disposable capillary. diameter 1.3mm-1.4mm
Measuring range 0-30mg/dl
Sample volume 40-45μL (2/3-3/4 of the total capillary volume)
Built-in printer 58mm thermal printer
Interface Standard RS232
Connection Port USB port
Dimensions 250(L)*190(W)*85(H)mm

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