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Manual Obstetric Bed Delivery Table YSOT-CC06

Item No.: YSOT-CC06
this type integrated obstetric bed is suitable for conducting parturient delivery, gynecological surgery, operative abortion, diagnosis etc.
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Package: Wooden Case
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Manual Obstetric Bed Delivery Table YSOT-CC06

YSOT-CC06 delivery bed table up-down is hydraulic controlled.
The column and base cover, basin are all made of stainless steel 304#, which is
convenient for clean and disinfection.
Removable leg section makes the gynecology examination more convenient.
The color of the mattress is optional.

1. General Description:

This bed is designed for women's parturition and gynecological operation. Leg section
of the parturition bed can be disassembled Various movement of the bedis controlled by
human, Body posture is adjusted by mechanical drive organization. It can be raised or lowered
hydraulically by means of an oil pump. This productis operate by human, can meet the
demand of gynecology diagnoses, examination, surgery, body position of the parturient
According to the matter, there are two types: model PLGYN-06 and JHC-06C.The outer
hulls of the model 06C are ordinary carbon steel, the other are stainlesssteel. The technical
parameters and devices are same.

2. Specification:


3. Accessories:
1.Stand for anesthetic and for hanging intravenous drip bottle 1 set :
Used for isolating the operating area during operation and can be used for hanging
intravenous drip. Its height can be adjusted.

2. Shoulder rest and mattress 2 set :
Mounted on each side of the bed and covered with sponge mattress, soft and comfortable.
It supports the shoulder of the lying-in woman so as to prevent herbody from moving
backward. The distance between the two shoulder rests can be adjusted according to the
width of shoulder.

3. Arm rest and mattress 2 set :
Covered with sponge mattress, can be mounted on either side of the bed and used for
intravenous drip and for measurement of blood pressure and pulse. It issoft and comfortable.

4. Handle 2 set :
Provide a woman in labour to pull.

5. Leg support, foot board and mattress 2 set :
There is one on each side, support the pregnant women or the patient legs, it also can be
used for the pregnant women who kick with heel hardly in horizontaldelivery. In order to
adapt to the different maternal height, you can adjust its position if it is necessary.

6. Mattress on the table top 1 set :
It includes
three parts. It is made of sponge covered with imitation leather. Soft and comfortable, easy
to use.

7. The contaminative basin can prevent the amniotic fluid leaks, it is easy to assemble
and disassemble

4. Operation Instruction:
1) Operation of the oil pump:
Both the ascending and descending movements of the table top are controlled by the
oil pump. When the products leave the factory, the oil pump has beeniumped into the pail,
so the oil pump can not ascend. The Consumers must move the cover of the filing aperture
at the fop of the oil pump. Use a funnel to refill the»il pump slowly. By pressing down Pedal
repeatedly, the table top will begin to descend slowly and gently. Until the table top can be
elevated to its highest position.
lttention: Please infuse all the oil of barrel. Otherwise, the phenomenon that the tabletop can't
be reached the maximum height may happen.
The moving and stabilization of the base: by loosening Handle of the base clockwise,
the table can move. On the contrary, it can
be stabilized. Attention: Donot loosen or tighten a handle, otherwise, the phenomenon that
the base is not stable may happen.

2) Bending of the table top:
The Back section bending upward and downward and Reversed Trendelenburg and
Trendelenburg of the table-top are controlled by a pair of hand wheels onach side of the
table. It can be operated easily.
Leg section disassembly: Unscrew the two fixed knobs below leg section, the leg section
can be removed out. It must tighten the fixed knob when plugging into legsection, beware of
operation slide.

5. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
1. Washing the parturition bed with water is prohibited.
2. Clean parturition bed with a soft cloth, sponge, wet cloth or detergent. Not use a hard
brush, steel wire brush,
decontamination powder, paint, ether, bananaswater, acid-base solution to any surface.
3. Mattress must be disinfection with alcohol, ether, ultraviolet disinfection and so on
(abandoning high-temperature
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