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Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus YSSW3101plus

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Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus YSSW3101plus is the international advanced treatment technology for breast benign disease.
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Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus YSSW3101plus
1. Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus Introduction
YSSW3101Plus Mastopathy Treatment System is the international advanced treatment technology for breast benign disease.It is an efficient, safe and painless integrated treatment system with lightning wave,luminous energy,drug iontophoresis and simulation massage. It also has the four models of Lightning dredge,luminous energy resonance,targeting drug delivery and 5D simulation massage.They can successfully reach the effect of dredging - circulation - target - regeneration.Meanwhile,appling appropriate treatment mode to the differentit conditions,it changes the traditional single treatment method and opens a new route for the treatment of mammary gland.
2. Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus Application range:
Mastopathy treatment: Mastitis, lacteal painful disease, breast lobular hyperplasia of breast benign disease.
Breast care: Adjust the postnatal lack of lactation, abundant breast the body.
3. Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus Characters
1). Original integrative horizontal therapy
2). Original lightning dredging technology
3). Automatic settling treatment probe for targeted therapy
4). Humanized apparel design,360 degree circular massage and hot compress
4. Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus Principles
1). Lightning Dredging
Lightning wave rapidly infiltrate into lactiferous ducts through the electrode,which will disintegrate lesions and discharge rapidly.Meanwhile,it will enhance the enzyme activity and accelerate the glands’ rapid cycling, so as to solve all kinds of breast benign disease caused by the breast block.
2). Luminous Energy Resonance
Certain wavelengths of light penetrate through the breast of 30-80MM.It can directly enter into glands to produces light wave resonance, which increase the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, activate the breast tissue metabolism and enhance microcirculation function.
3). Targeting Drug Delivery
Targeting to the breast lesion, the drugs will be imported into lesions through the electrodes.The drug ion will be spread and fully absorbed, so as to achieve the curative effect of curing, and effectively prevent the occurrence of side effects.
4). 5D Simulation Massage
Simulation massage through the electrode can stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete hormones, make mammary gland vasodilation and permeability enhancement.Meanwhile,it can awaken the glands dormant cells to promote the secondary development of the breast.
5. Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus Effects
1).Dredging Effects
2).Circulation Effects
3).Target Effects
4).Regeneration Effects

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Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus YSSW3101
Mastopathy Treatment Apparatus YSSW3101
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