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Technology Advanced Oxygen Concentrator YSOCS-AE8

Item No.: YSOCS-AE8
COVID-19 Medical Technology Advanced Oxygen Concentrator YSOCS-AE8, oxygen inhalation can prevent dying coronary heart disease
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Technology Advanced Oxygen Concentrator YSOCS-AE8 

YSOCS-AE8 Oxygen Concentrator uses PSA Gas Separation Technology and France imported CECA molecular sieve. It is very popular with the White Collar, the Pregnant, the students, the elder and the patients. You may find our oxygen concentrators in hospital, clinics, nursing home, beauty salon and other places.
  • PSA Technology
  • Large LCD display of the total working hours and the present working time
  • Timing Function for working hour's control (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
  • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away from most of impurity, bacteria and PM2.5
  • Intelligent self diagnosis system: Malfunction information display on LCD
  • Intelligent Cooling Control System ensures 8000 hours continuously working at stable and high purity of 93% in real time
  • Super mute oil-free compressor ensures 30% longer life span
  • Long service life, suitable for 24 hours operation with non-stop
  • Ultra-quiet, Low dB(A),  ≤36d B(A)
  • Warranty: 36 months                                      
Power Consumption(W) 450
Electrical Requirement(V/Hz) 220V±10%,50Hz±1; 110V±10%, 50Hz±1: Customize as demand
Flow Rate (L/M) 1~8
Oxygen Concentration(%) 93± 3%  
Outlet Pressure(kPa) 45±10%
Sound Level(dBA) ≤ 50   
Temperature Range 5~40°c  
Humidity Range(%) 15~93%
Equipment Class and Type Class II Type B
Standard Features Low Noise Design; HEPA filter; Flame retardant function; Power failure alarm; Temperature alarm; suit for 24 hours operation;20000 hours long working life
Optional Fuctions Low purity Alarm;High and Low pressure alarm;Nebullizer; SPO2 Sensor; Remote Control
Net weight(kg) 24
Gross Weight(kg) 26
Dimensions(mm) 372*340*612
Carton mst(mm) 445*400*660
Pallet Size(mm) 450*810*110; 810*900*110; 1210*900*110 


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